About ME

My name is Sylvia Fowler and I am, for lack of a better term, a villainess. By villainess, I mean I have chosen the profession of world domination.  This includes loads of hours spent planning and scheming. I work with select, well paid organizations to put those plans into motion by constructing either the giant death machine or some other mechanical device that will achieve said plan. I organize measures to dispose of anyone who stands directly in the plan’s way. I also maintain a highly trained staff of loyal employees, which in itself is a fulltime job. And last but not least, I must keep my real identity secret until it is time to step in as leader of the new world order.

I went back and read that and wondered whose life I am describing, because it certainly isn’t mine. I make it sound so glamorous, don’t I? Right, this whole journal thing is about confessions. In that case, I confess I spend a lot of time sitting in front of the television, eating ice-cream right out of the container while listening to Caligula complain about his day. It is the nature of the beast.

Not the cat, the job of villainess.

Most world domination plans are slow burning. They take awhile to come together. They are like delicate seeds; you sew them, tend them, nurture them and once they bloom into fully realized ideas you may reap them to the tune of thousands of screaming victims. Meanwhile you have three other plans on the boil because you must prepare for all eventualities. This sort of thing takes time.

After all, one can not build a giant mechanical ape overnight.

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